Reverend Beat-Man

Beat ManZeller aka Reverend Beat-Man was Born on the Countryside of Bern Switzerland (Capital Town of Switzerland) finishing Hi School then worked as Electrician until his Music Career totally took over, he is a Cultural Creator in His Hometown and in Switzerland where he won a Cultural price in 2007 and the Swiss Music Price in 2014 for his National Cultural Work in Switzerland, in 2002 he worked as Musician at the World EXPO in Switzerland, in 1998 he worked for VIVA (MTV) in Germany doing Documentaries about Wrestling Rock’n’Roll in the USA and Europe.

He Plays all over the World As Musician he played in Several formations his Most Famous one is Reverend Beat-Man a One Man Band Style Blues Band where he travels all around the Globe playing thousands of Payed Shows, created his own music styles such as Primitive Rock’n’Roll or Blues Trash that has huge followings and Copycats, Reverend Beat-Man’s live shows are Unique and nothing like ever seen before, it’s a theatrical act combined with raw Rock’n’roll and Tradition of Blues.

He as well plays guitar and sings in such Bands as The Monsters or Plays main roles in Theatres in Switzerland (Popeye sings the blues) and Releasing Records for more than 30 Band from all over the world and sold more than a Million Records World Wide ( his Label Voodoo Rhythm Records has 4 Employees, and his Record Store 8 Employees) he does collaboration with the House and Dance Music group the Round Table Knights where he had charts position 3 and 6 in Switzerland and England