Fee Reega

Fee Reega was born in Balingen in the South of Germany and was part of the music scenes of Berlin and Madrid before moving to Asturias, where she´s based now in the city of Gijón. She released records in German, English and Spanish and in 2014 she released her first studio album, “La Raptora”.

Fee Reega plays close to 100 concerts per year, all over Europe and in different formats, sometimes with her band and working on several projects at the same time. Apart from her personal project that she defines as “Problem Folk”, she´s singer and composer of postpunk band “Captains” and of the german psychedelic folkrock band “Dead Hands”.

With her sweet and dark songs she´s already become a solid member of the spanish music scene and is constantly working on new projects.
Reega is a world to discover.